Reiki Healing with Lesley Wilson

What is it?

Reiki is a form of hands on healing with its    origins in India and the East, dating back many thousands of years to the time before Christ and Buddha.

Reiki is not attached to any religion or belief system, so it does not conflict with anyone’s   beliefs, or lack of beliefs. Reiki works just as well for sceptics as for believers!

The therapist will connect with universal energy and lay hands on certain areas of the body and hands off or hovering just above other areas.  The client sits or lays quietly fully clothed whilst the therapist carries out the treatment.

During a treatment the client may experience the following:

  • Extreme heat  or Coolness
  • Tingling
  • Feeling of floating or heaviness
  • See colours or Fall asleep!

Reiki can be used simply to induce wellbeing and relaxation or can be used to treat specific ailments.  Some western consultants are even now recommending reiki in-between the client regular treatments.

After reiki treatment is is normal to feel relaxed and the client often finds they sleep better following a treatment.

A typical session takes between 30—40 minutes.

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