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Hot stone massage – a very relaxing treatment carried out using hot stones. This treatment is great for clients who want to relax and benefit from massage but don’t appreciate a deep tissue massage. This treatment is a full body massage with volcanic basalt stones that retain their heat. It is said that one stroke of the stone is equivalent to ten of the hand.

Back cleanse –  Facial for the back) including cleanse, tone, scrub with steam, neck back and shoulder massage, mask and hot towels.

shellac nails

Manicure and pedicure – it’s time to get your hands and feet looking their absolute best.

We have a good colour range of CND VINYLUX Weekly Polishes.

SHELLAC – a hybrid nail polish that is applied like polish then cured under a UV lamp. 2 weeks with mirror finish and chip free. Dry before you leave the salon.



Hopi ear candles are a natural alternative to ear syringing. Derived from the ancient Hopi Indian tribe, this treatment helps to draw out any impurities in your ear. The treatment is noninvasive and you will be in the salon for about half an hour. The therapist will make you comfortable on the couch and then place a candle in your ear (this candle is more like a tube with a filter). It acts like a chimney and when lit will gently draw out what is inside. Can help with conditions like blocked sinuses.

For those of you that have never had waxing but are considering it, here’s some information that might help persuade you. Once you get into a regular routine with waxing you can go for weeks without having to worry about hair removal. When regrowth occurs, the new hairs are much softer and finer to the touch rather than that unsightly rough stubble that you get from shaving. No more spotty shaving rash around your bikini area when you’re on holiday and have to shave every other day either, start waxing early enough before your holiday and you will be fuzz free for the duration of your stay! So you can concentrate on relaxing and enjoying yourself rather than digging out your disposable razor! The same goes for underarm waxing. We don’t just offer waxing for ladies, hairy men are welcome for chest and back waxing so you too can be body beautiful on the beach. Please be advised that we do not carry out extreme waxing at the moment as this is a highly specialised technique.

We offer the latest techniques in eyelash perming – for those of you who use an eyelash curler on a daily basis this is a great alternative. Subject to appropriate test results.

Get the perfect eyebrows – shape and tint, learn how to enhance your face shape by making the most of your eyebrows. We use a combination of techniques including waxing, tweazing, tinting and brushing to enhance your look.  We can also provide eyelash perming which help lift and give the lash a natural curl.

Classic indivual lashes and Russian volume lashes are available please call to book

Please note that all tinting, eyelash perming and individual lashes are subject to skin testing at least 24 hours prior to treatment.

Non-surgical facelift facial treatment for fine lines and wrinkles, electrical pads and electrodes are used to stimulate the facial muscles. Most clients notice results after their first treatment, their skin glows and looks radiant, deep lines reduce and in some cases fine lines disappear. Your complexion will look refreshed and revitalised for days afterwards, which is why  many clients love booking treatments in before big events.

Microdermabrasion – during microdermabrasion thousands of tiny crystals are jetted across the skin to gently remove the outer layer of old skin cells and reveal new fresh rejuvinated skin.  This treatment is more beneficial by having a six weeks course, buy 5 treatments and get the 6th one FREE!  

Treatment helps with Acne – Acne Scarring –  Pigmentation – blemishes – dull and tired skin – fine lines and wrinkles and sun damage.                                Benefits are visible results immediately – healthy glowing skin – return to work straight after – painless and non surgical

Body Wrap – Benefits – sliming – detroxifying – relaxing – hydrating – depending on the wrap you choose you may notice temporary inch loss, softer firmer, hydrated and cleansed skin.



Regular facials are an ideal way to address any skin problems and maintain skin balance and condition.

PURIFICATION – Thorough cleansing ensures that any build up of daily excesses and make-up is removed.  The Arbonne Facial Skincare Range offers cleansing products for all skin types.

REFINING – The most effective and common way of obtaining a glowing complexion is through exfoliation. Our Luxury Arbonne Facial Treatment includes the use of Vegan certified exfoliant that  helps to revive tired and dull skin cells, revealing a brighter, more glowing complexion.

THERAPY – Arbonne Anti Aging Facial Treatment restore the skin’s natural PH balance and there is a treatment suitable for every skin type. Combined with a pressure point massage and lymphatic drainage, inspired by Chinese and Indian techniques, the whole body, mind and face are indulged.

MORE THERAPY Choose from our Vegan Arbonne FC5 Mask Hydrating or Deep Cleaning Mask or Abronne Detox Spa Mud Mask  to balance and re-hydrate your skin and is combined with a soothing scalp massage.

BALANCE – With a choice of protective Arbonne moisturisers to suit all skin types, your skin will certainly feel nourished, supple and evenly textured with sunscreens to help to create a protective layer to hold in necessary moisture and help prevent dehydration. You should feel relaxed, pampered and glowing.